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International Aerospace Technology Guide 10(17) November, 2017
Motor Sich in Dubai Air Show - 2017

Motor Sich in Dubai Air Show - 2017

Motor Sich JSC specializes in development, manufacture and aftersales service of aircraft gas-turbine engines, industrial gas-turbine drives, as well as gas-turbine generating sets powered by those drives. Over the last years we have been developing the helicopter industry in Ukraine as well. High quality and reliability of our aero-engines are proved by a many years experience of service on airplanes and helicopters in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Our representative office in Sharjah ensures a prompt solution of questions regarding cooperation with other companies in the United Arab Emirates. One of the companys success criteria is participation in international air shows. Motor Sich JSC participates on a regular basis in airshows in the UAE, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, China, Russia, etc.

Our company is a permanent and active participant of the Dubai Airshow.
At present, the list of our engines in serial production and those under development for utility aircraft covers turboprop, turbofan and turboshaft engines with a power range from 400 to 14,000 h.p., as well as bypass turbojet engines with a thrust range from 400 to 23,400 kgf.

Among all the engines, one should emphasize the D-436-148 engine for An-148 passenger airplanes. This engine complies with ICAO requirements and its performance is as good as that of foreign engines.

The An-148 airplane in different versions ensures carriage of 68 to 89 passengers for 2.1 to 4.4 thousand km with a high level of comfort. The airplane performance and engine elevation above the runway provide for possibility of operation from unpaved airfields, while its low life cost makes it attractable for various airlines worldwide. After mid-2013, a hundred of An-158 airplanes, local versions of the An-148 airplane, have entered service in the Republic of Cuba.

Motor Sich JSC´s and Ivchenko-Progress SE´s specialists have developed the D-436-148F engine for the n-178 cargo airplane with a load-carrying capacity of 16 to 18 tons intended for replacement of the vintage An-12 cargo airplane.

The D-436-148F engine is a D-436-148 engine version with a takeoff thrust of 7900 kgf and a maximum contingency thrust of 8790 kgf, which were increased thanks to new and more efficient components.

First of all, this is a next-generation wide chord fan with new solutions for better efficiency, higher thrust and less noise. Along with performance improvement of engine main components this will enhance airplane performance significantly as well.

Currently, our company cooperates with Ivchenko-Progress SE in development of next-generation AI-28 bypass engines with a design thrust of 7 to 10 tons. The basic engine of that family is being developed based on advanced and cutting-edge technologies and will feature a fan reduction drive and a superhigh bypass ratio. This engine is designed for powering advanced passenger and cargo aircraft. On basis of its gas generator we can develop turboprop and turboshaft engines with high performance.

Our company has developed the D-18T Series 3 engine to improve efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions and noise of the n-124-100 airplane that has the highest load-carrying capacity among other airplanes with a cargo ramp in the world.

Among all the basic differences of that engine are the following: the takeoff thrust is flat rated up to +30C, reduction of the noise level by 10 EPN dB and exhaust emissions to satisfy ICAO requirements. Besides, we have also implemented new solutions for extending total service life up to 50,000 hours, modernized the thrust reverser control system, and equipped the engine with the automated electronic control.

At present, more than three thousand Czech L-39 and Chinese K-8J trainer aircraft powered by gas-turbine engines of our company operate in 45 countries worldwide.

Continuing this tradition, we cooperate with Ivchenko-Progress SE in development of I-222 engine versions. They can provide a maximum thrust of 2,500 to 3,000 kgf and with the afterburner installed - up to 5,000 kgf.

The I-222K-25 (without afterburner) and the I-322F (with afterburner) engine versions are designed for powering L-15AJT subsonic trainers and L-15 LIFT supersonic fighter trainers produced by Chinese Hongdu Aviation Industrial Corporation (HAIC).

At present, the L-15 LIFT aircraft and the engine are passing flight tests, while L-15AJT aircraft have already started to come into service with the Chinese Air Force. At the same time we continue work on I-450 I-450-2 turboprop engine versions with a takeoff power of 450 to 495 and 630 to 750 h.p., respectively. These engines are designed for utility aircraft and trainers, including aerobatic aircraft (I-450 and I-450-2 engine versions). In 2016, the I-450 engine has successfully passed flight tests on the DA50-JP7 airplane produced by DIAMOND AI, world-famous Austrian company.

In 2017, I-450 engine versions, such as I-450 and I-450D, have received Type Certificates.

At the time being, DIAMOND AI is also working on construction of the DART-450 trainer powered by the I-450C engine. The first official debut of that aircraft took place in the Farnborough Airshow-2016 and it arose great interest among all the specialists. The I-450-2 and the I-450-2 engines are designed for utility airplanes, commuter passenger airplanes and trainers, including DART-450 aircraft.

The S-14 engine is designed to replace veteran engines on An-2 airplanes. Flight tests of the An-2-100 airplane powered by the MS-14 engine, which were conducted by Antonov SE, clearly show that this new engine has provided for significant improvement of the airplane performance.

Our company is a world leader in production of engines and helicopters. It all started in 1947 with production of the I-26 piston engine for the indigenous series-produced Mi-1 helicopter. At present, we offer a wide range of helicopter engines, including the most powerful D-136 turboshaft engine for the i-26 helicopter with the highest load-carrying capacity in the world.

For example, our company has produced more than 30 thousand engines of just V3-117/V3-117V family and still continues with their further improvement.

To further enhance the helicopter performance and efficiency at high altitudes and temperatures, Motor Sich JSC has developed the V3-117V-SB1V engine with total life of 12,000 hours and first overhaul life of 5,000 hours.

Engine power ratings fit for operation on different helicopter types. The engine automatic control system (ACS) allows setting one of the following take-off power ratings: 2,500, 2,400, 2,200 or 2,000 h.p. and maintains it to higher altitudes and ambient temperatures as compared to current V-117V engine versions and the VK-2500 engine installed on Mil and Kamov helicopters.

On basis of the V3-117V-SB1V engine Motor Sich JSC has created the V3-117V-SB1V-02KS version with the power specifically adjusted for Ka-32 helicopters to improve their customer appeal and competitiveness. At the end of 2015 that version received the Type Certificate from IAC AR and in 2016 the GASU Certificate.

First overhaul life of the V3-117V-SB1V-02K engine if transporting external loads is 3,320 hours without replacement of engine hot section parts while in service, which is 4 times greater than that of the V3-117V(V Series 02) engine hot section.

Nowadays, our company advances its helicopter production program. We have established our own Design Bureau that is certified by the Ukrainian Aviation Administration and comprises 300 specialists.

Motor Sich JSCs helicopter production facilities comprise machining and assembly workshops with cutting-edge equipment, the paint shop, the flight test center, and the center for training of aircrews and maintenance personnel. The flight test center features a multi-purpose full-size bench for testing helicopter airframe elements and systems as well as other types of ground testing.

At present time, our company is also engaged in development, manufacture and overhaul of helicopter gearboxes. We have mastered and obtained authorization for overhaul of VR-8 and VR-14 main gearboxes for Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters. Moreover, we also continue with development of the VR-17MS main gearbox, which is a VR-14 gearbox version, for Mi-17 helicopters with a takeoff weight increased up to 14 tons and the VR-442 main gearbox for the SB-2 helicopter. These projects allow performing in-house overhaul of Mi-2, Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters along with re-engining and modernization of onboard systems.

The Mi-8MSB medium lift utility helicopter with a maximum takeoff weight of 12,500 kg became the first implemented project of the helicopter program. The helicopter power plant consists of two V3-117V-SB1V Series 4 gas-turbine engines with electrical starting system. The Mi-8MSB helicopter offers the following advantages: increase of the service ceiling by 62% (7,300 m); reduction of the fuel consumption per hour by 14%, which increases the flying range (1210 km with two additional fuel tanks); increase of engine total life and TBO, which reduces their operating costs; engine flat rating in the whole operating range of temperatures and altitudes.

The Mi-8MSB helicopter has already proved to be a better solution for aerial operations at high altitudes. An excellent altitude performance of V3-117V-SB1V Series 4 engines provides for possibility of operation from airfields at an altitude of 4200 m. Our helicopters are also fitted up with modern navigation equipment that complies with EASA and ICAO requirements.

The helicopter program also includes the development and manufacture of light helicopters. The Mi-2 helicopter powered by AI-450M-B engines with a takeoff power of 430 h.p. and -450 digital governors came to be the first certified light helicopter. This helicopter offers the following advantages: reduction of the fuel consumption per hour by 30%, increase of the flying range with additional fuel tanks by 40%, increase of the service ceiling up to 5,000 m. The cockpit instrument panel is fitted with digital engine parameter indicators and provides for possibility of converting it into a fully digital panel. The helicopter structure employs new light and high-strength composite materials. Thanks to possibility of installing a wide range of external and internal accessories, the helicopter can implement various missions. We offer this helicopter model in the following versions: cargo-passenger (rear compartment with a higher level of comfort), search and rescue (with fire extinguisher system, if requested), agricultural (with spaying system), patrol (with aerial monitoring instruments); training (with dual control). Thanks to a remarkable altitude performance this helicopter comes to be an excellent choice for countries with a mountainous terrain. The Mi-2 helicopter powered by AI-450M-B engines holds the Supplemental Type Certificate No. 0106 issued by the Ukrainian State Aviation Administration.

One of the platforms developed by our company recently is the MSB-2 light utility helicopter, which resembles to some extent the Mi-2 helicopter. This model features more powerful I-450-P engines (465 h.p. each) and a new transmission system, which ensures a reliable transfer of the increased power. The MSB-2 helicopter offers the following advantages: spacious rear compartment; advanced fuel measuring system; external fuel tanks; rear compartment doors with automatic drive; glass cockpit; air conditioning system; perfect aerodynamic form.

The MSB-2 helicopter features a fuselage nose from composite materials and offers more space for avionics. The helicopter comes with digital avionics that provides for day and night flights in VFR and IFR conditions. The form of the fuselage nose and external fuel tanks was developed based on the test results in the aerodynamic air tunnel. Excellent design features of that helicopter make it perfect for passenger transportation, search and rescue operations and medivac. Besides, the MSB-2 helicopter offers the following advantages: reduction of the fuel consumption per hour by 30%, increase of the cruise speed by 11%, increase of the rear compartment space by 1m3; increase of the service ceiling by 25%; big cockpit windows.

At the time being, Motor Sich JSC is assembling the first flying prototype of the MSB-2 helicopter and preparing its airframe for static tests. A full-scale mockup of that helicopter has already been demonstrated at several air shows and exhibitions.

Currently, our company is focusing on expanding the production and marketing, which will make it highly competitive in the aviation industry. Motor Sich JSC has always been a reliable partner and ready for cooperation with all interested countries and companies.

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