PDF International Helicopter & Technology Guide, 2019
International Helicopter & Technology Guide

The best world helicopter technologies

China Helicopter Exposition is definitely unique

Show is gathering in Tianjin obviously the best helicopter and unmanned innovations that are intended for both China and the entire AsiaPacific region.

Political and economic situation in the world (conflicts, sanctions, threats of war and other) makes nations once again reconsider their technologies possibilities. It has become already obvious and undeniable that security is becoming increasingly important among the various values of civilization. Today, for any state, the ability to reliably and securely protect the territory, residents and values is a priority.

One can predict raise of helicopter means market in times like this. But together with developing of technologies in order to safety, rivalry increases in order to achieve such goals as increasing profits and market share. CHINA HELICOPTER EXPOSITION 2019 presents the best world (Russian also) aerospace innovations for global market, which are the undisputed world leaders on price and quality in their segments.

These exhibition shows that it is not serious about how many helicopters and planes you have, but quality and possibilities of every single one of them is fact what leads to victory on the global market. Other significant factor is technological independence from seller modern technologies make it possible to shut down any device from any place of the globe if you have appropriate access. With hitech products, solid aftersales service and proven reliability, Russia is honest and friendly partner for all countries, ready for mutual work. Taking part in CHINA HELICOPTER EXPOSITION 2019 companies from many continues the policy of open partnership for AsianPacific area.
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