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Russian Aviation & Military Guide ¹ 01(01) December, 2015

President of Russia Vladimir Putin visited the National Defence Control Centre where he held a meeting to discuss the actions of Russia’s Aerospace Forces in the Syrian Arab Republic
The Commander-in-Chief heard reports from Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov and commanders of the different branches of the armed forces on the operation. The President issued instructions to establish contact with the French naval group to carry out joint actions against terrorists.

The Emir of the State of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah is to visit Russia on November at the invitation of Vladimir Putin
Historical meeting of leaders of two countries was in Sochi. The Russian President will have talks with the Emir to discuss key aspects of Russian-Kuwaiti cooperation, focusing on ways of enhancing bilateral cooperation in trade and the economy. The two leaders will also exchange views on pressing international matters, primarily the situation in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

The main and reliable points of the modern warfare
International campaign fighting ISIS (prohibited in Russia) and especially Russian participation in it have one more time proven invaluable importance of high-precision weapons. These are the weapons to determine today and future real defensive and offensive capabilities of armed forces of any country. Russia is a certain top performer at world armament market in terms of development and delivery of high-precision weapons.

Personal parashuting rescue system for lowering person from high rise objects in emergency
The private Russian innovative Space Rescue System Ltd. company (www.cosmic-rs.com) express its interest in finding partners for joint mutually beneficial realization of the SPARS® project - the Autonomous Rescue Pneumo Chute Back-Pack System, a validated forefront escape solution for secure rescue of untrained person from nearly any high elevation structure (skyscrapers, offshore platforms etc.) in case of emergency when traditional evacuation methods are impossible.

Russia is increasingly adding to world fleets of military and civil aircraft
The importance of both military and civil aircraft is growing every year. There is a steady growth in demand for aircraft. Besides, the criteria of importance are increasingly reliability and prices. In this regard the supply of Russian aircraft to international markets is inceasing. These aircraft feature reliability, up-to-date systems and well-balanced prices both for planes themselves and their maintenance. According to experts, Russian aircraft are more attractive in world markets thanks to life cycle cost.

JSC “SPLAV SPA” is the leading Russian enterprise in development and organization of production of the Multiple Launcher Rocket Systems (MRLS) for the Army, Navy, and Air Force
Over its history from the time of its foundation in 1945, such outstanding systems as GRAD, URAGAN, SMERCH for the Army, GRAD-M, UDAV-1M, OGON’, DAMBA, RPK-8 for the Navy have been developed at JSC “SPLAV SPA”, dozens of unique techniques for the rocket projectiles, the artillery shell cases of calibers from 24 to 152 mm made of various materials have been elaborated. Nowadays our engineering developments and production techniques in the field of the rocket artillery and shell cases production are known worldwide.

Towards open and equal cooperation in the interests of development
Vladimir Putin's article published in last year before the major summit on cooperation in the region became one of key articles about the relation of Russia and the Asian countries in format Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.
For a long time trade has been the driving force of economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region and other parts of the world. However, as the effect of tariff liberalization started to wear off, it became clear that we need additional agreements covering services, investment, non-tariff barriers, competition policy, and subsidies. Of course, we cannot reach such agreements without complicated negotiations and mutual concessions.

Clever decisions from Russia with love
As innovations and hi-tech production tend to bring more economic benefits and influence, Russia is working on increasing exports of non-raw material sector, including technological export and transfers. And the current economic situation in Russia with sanctions, restricted financial support from European banks and weak ruble only comes in flavor for Russian companies opening opportunities to fulfill their potential abroad. So among exporting companies there are those who aimed at foreign markets from the start; companies that manufacture unique advanced technology products with no competitors in any part of the world; and companies that take advantage of the current economic situation to expand their markets.

Alexander Fomin: “Russia remains one of the world’s top defense products suppliers”
At a recent meeting held in Sochi between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kuwaiti Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah it has been emphasized that mutual goods exchange between the two countries is growing; besides, a considerable share in export prospects is made of Russian defense products well-known in the region, which have shown themselves to advantage also in military conflicts. Monitoring and supervision over military and technical cooperation between the Russian Federation and other countries is performed by Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC of Russia).

At present, Russian economic policy measures are more focused on the development of full-cycle local production and production with high added value
Speaking at the recent session of the State Council devoted to import substitution held in Nizhniy Tagil President of Russia Vladimir Putin noted: “The goal is not to substitute the imported goods with domestically produced ones in one way or another. Support should be provided to projects able to compete with foreign analogues on equal terms – both by quality, and by price.”

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