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Russia, ‘Vysokotochnye Kompleksy’

Russia, ‘Vysokotochnye Kompleksy’

The main and reliable points of the modern warfare

International campaign fighting ISIS (prohibited in Russia) and especially Russian participation in it have one more time proven invaluable importance of high-precision weapons. These are the weapons to determine today and future real defensive and offensive capabilities of armed forces of any country. Russia is a certain top performer at world armament market in terms of development and delivery of high-precision weapons. Moreover, Russian systems like ‘Pantsir-S1’, ‘Iskander-M’, ‘Kornet-EM’ and others are determining technological and combat future of high-precision weapons all over the world. ‘Vysokotochnye Kompleksy’ holding company, the primary designer and manufacturer of Russian high precision weapons is engaged in producing the world’s best types of high precision weapons. Visitors of Third Edition of Gulf Defense & Aerospace in Kuwait may fully realize it on the scene.

Leader in its segment
Russian ‘Vysokotochnye Kompleksy’ including 19 enterprises being mostly world leaders in their production and technology segments is the world largest science and technology complex engaged in developing and creating high-precision weapon systems for combat tactical zones. The company being a member of ‘RosTech’ corporate group, the world largest engineering corporation, is among the leading designers of state-of-the-art weapons in the world.

The weight of the holding company and its products in terms of strengthening defensive power of Russian army and delivery of the newest weapons to word markets can hardly be overestimated. There is a fast growing number of high precision systems and importance of tasks performed with them in the biggest armies of the world. Thus, over the recent five years Russian Armed Forces have had increasing purchase volumes. Export volumes of the latest weapons are also increasing. According to Alexander Denisov, Director General of ‘NPO ‘Vysokotochnye Kompleksy’, JSC “in view of defense and industrial sector mission we are considering well-timed and full fulfillment of purchase obligations as a priority task”.

According to military experts among the calling cards of the company is first of all the above-mentioned ‘Pantsir-S1’ air defense gun and missile system made by Tula instrument design bureau (KBP), ship-based ‘Palma’ air defense artillery system armed with ‘Sosna-R’ missiles, ‘Kapustnik-B’ fire control system, ‘Kornet-E’, ‘Konkurs’, ‘Metis-M1’ antitank missile systems, ‘Krasnopol’, ‘Arkan’ guided missile systems and others. The majority of weapons being exported by ‘Vysokotochnye Kompleksy’ is second to none in the world in terms of performance and efficiency.

An average annual increase of the company’s export deliveries is 25-40% that is certainly a world record in the sector of high precision weapons. Middle East, North Africa, Persian Gulf countries and India are among the most stable importers of the company-made products. Recently there has been also increasing export activity in the markets of Southeast Asia, Latin America, Central and South Africa. Besides, according to military experts there is every reason to believe that by 2020 export delivery volume of ‘Vysokotochnye Kompleksy’ may have been increased twice. It is clearly seen at nearly every international armament exhibition where the holding company takes part, its products (both at displays and open sites) are leading objects of regard for experts and ordinary visitors. This is also because everybody wants to take a closer look at famous ‘Pantsir-S1’ or ‘Kornet-E’ and meet the people who create the most efficient and advanced weapons in the world.
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