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Military and technical cooperation

Military and technical cooperation

Alexander Fomin: “Russia remains one of the world’s top defense products suppliers”

At a recent meeting held in Sochi between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kuwaiti Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah it has been emphasized that mutual goods exchange between the two countries is growing; besides, a considerable share in export prospects is made of Russian defense products well-known in the region, which have shown themselves to advantage also in military conflicts. Monitoring and supervision over military and technical cooperation between the Russian Federation and other countries is performed by Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC of Russia).

Military and technical cooperation between Russia and Asian states is on the rise now. I should say that Persian Gulf nations account for considerable part of Russian defense products delivery. This number may quite possibly rise significantly. Besides, seeing the growing interest toward aviation and air defense equipment, we hope for stepping up of cooperation in this regard. Russian planes and helicopters have proven themselves highly efficient during large-scale counter-terrorism operations worldwide. Their air superiority and anti-ground high-precision strikes capabilities are also well known to our partners in Arab states. Among others, in this region large export potential belongs to gunships and transport helicopters, various air defense systems, especially ‘Pantsir-S1’ antiaircraft gun and missile system.

Military and technical cooperation with the region’s nations tends to increase both in terms of quality and quantity. Thus, recently FSMTC of Russia experts have participated in ‘DUBAI AIRSHOW-2015’ international airspace exhibition held on November 8-12, 2015 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Russia has been an exhibitor at ‘DUBAI AIRSHOW’ since 1993. The Russian display area this year has been 678 square meters. The exposition involved 23 Russian enterprises including the largest ones like ‘Rostech’ State Corporation, ‘Rosoboronexport’, ‘Almaz Antei’, Russian aircraft Corporation MiG, ‘Sukhoi’, ‘Vertoley Rossii’ (Russian Helicopters). Altogether about 200 samples of Russian advanced defense products have been shown in Dubai.

During the exhibition Russia has held negotiations with delegations of UAE, Kuwait, India, RSA, Malaysia, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Indonesia, Jordan, Oman and other countries. They discussed prospects for Russian armament supply including aircraft, air weapons and air defense equipment as well as issues of creating maintenance facilities and establishing after-sale service.

Russia considers Kuwait to be among the most signficant partners as to military and technical cooperation in this region and in whole Asia. Military and technical cooperation between our two countries goes deep. It began in 1978 and advanced in a rather active manner. Thus, back then our country provided Kuwait with about 700 ‘Strela’ portable antiaircraft missile systems and twenty ‘Osa’ air defense missile systems.

Extending cooperation between Russia and Kuwait is spoken by the Memorandum of military and technical cooperation between ‘Rosoboronexport’ and Defense Ministry of Kuwait undersigned in November this year, which shows Kuwaiti military’s profound interest towards purchasing Russian military equipment. In particular, Kuwait is interested in Russian battle aircraft and air defense systems. More details of types and purchases will go public later. So far only growing interest can be observed. Besides, much attention has been paid to creation of heavy infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) based on Enigma IFV developed by UAE and Russian AU-220M weapon station equipped with 57mm gun.

In his interview for Russian Industrial Weekly newspaper Alexander Fomin, Director of FSMTC of Russia has described the extent to which the current stage of military and technical cooperation with other countries is significant. Among other things he said the following.

“Today the situation of world armament and military equipment market depends on many factors. These are ongoing global economic crisis, complex military and political situation in Middle East and North Africa, stepping up of military production competitors which include first of all the USA, Germany and France.

We should recognize stepping up of such armament exporters as China, Republic of Korea, Israel and Turkey as well as entry of new ambitious players like Japan and Republic of South Africa. It is needless to say that development of military and technical cooperation between Russia and other countries is to some extent influenced by so-called ‘anti-Russian sanctions’. Nevertheless, Russia is still one of the largest global defense suppliers and it is keeping intensive military and technical cooperation underway.

Indian Air Force and Navy are armed with many Russian (Soviet) aviation equipment such as Su-30MKI, MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-29 ground and ship-based fighters, Il-76 transport aircraft and Il-78 tankers, naval Tu-142M and Il-38, Mi-17, Mi-26, Ka-28 and Ka-31 helicopters. The mentioned aircraft are going to be used by Air Force and Navy of India for next decades and should be constantly maintained by Russia.

Nowadays India is much interested in establishing production of Ka-226T helicopters in India. There are negotiations underway as to cooperation conditions under this project. There is a possibility of additional lots of Mi-17V-5 helicopters to be delivered and increasing the number of Su-30MKI planes being produced under license in India. All this makes us enthusiastic in Russian and Indian cooperation in terms of battle aircraft.

Main areas of cooperation with Malaysia in this regard include after-sale service of Su-30MKM aircraft. In 2012 a maintenance facility was established under the delivery contract. Besides, there are efforts to promote additional lot of Su-30MKM’s to Malaysian market. Currently Malaysia is considering proposals for upgrading MiG-29 planes delivered before.

Military and technical cooperation between Russia and China as to battle aircraft is also promising”.

Answering the question of joint defense production to be established by Russia in partner countries, Director of FSVTS emphasized as follows:
“Decisions to establish joint defense-oriented enterprises are made by the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation. Our Federal Service is responsible for implementing the mentioned decisions and monitoring.

In this regard I would like to state that while the decision to establish a joint enterprise is being prepared, the issue is to be addressed comprehensively in all departments and agencies including FSMTC of Russia, Russian Defense Ministry, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry and Trade and other agencies in order to avoid losses for the Russian Federation. Besides, all factors like political, economic, military and technological ones should be taken into account. Targeted decisions are made as to each separate joint enterprise. Joint development and production are cross-pollinating and allow consolidating and developing technological potential of Russia as well as facilitate future innovation-driven growth”.

Major areas of FSMTC of Russia activities shall be:
  • To perform control and supervision functions in the area of military-technical cooperation in compliance with laws of the Russian Federation;
  • To participate jointly with other federal government authorities in elaboration of state policy in the area of military-technical cooperation and submit in the established manner relevant proposals to the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, and Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation;
  • To ensure jointly with other federal government authorities implementation of key state policy guidelines in the area of military-technical cooperation as set by the President of the Russian Federation; and Within its competence and jointly with other federal government authorities, to implement state regulations in the area of military-technical cooperation.

In conformity with laws of the Russian Federation, FSMTC of Russia shall perform control and supervision functions relating to:
  • Compliance, of activities in the field of military-technical cooperation of federal government authorities, government authorities of the Russian Federation constituencies, and Russian organizations empowered in the established manner to carry out foreign trade activities regarding military purpose products, corporate developers and manufacturers of military purpose products, other legal entities, officials and individuals, with legal acts and regulations of the Russian Federation and key state policy guidelines in the field of military-technical cooperation, requirements of the Russian Federation laws on export control over procurement of military purpose products;
  • Implementation of underlying state policy principles in the field of military-technical cooperation including state monopoly;
  • Efficient functioning of state regulatory system in the field of military-technical cooperation;
  • Fulfillment of international treaties of the Russian Federation in the field of military-technical cooperation;
  • Activities in the field of military-technical cooperation of representative offices of military-technical cooperation–affiliated entities in the Russian Federation and foreign states, as well as those of other organizations;
  • Marketing, advertising, and exhibition activities in the field of military-technical cooperation;
  • Efficient application of funds allocated from the federal budget to finance activities in the field of military-technical cooperation, as well as efficient use of federal property by military-technical cooperation–affiliated entities;
  • Level of foreign trade prices for export and import military purpose products with due regard to protection of economic interests of the Russian Federation;
  • Level of local prices for military purpose products to be funded out of the federal budget, and supplied to foreign customers under international treaties of the Russian Federation.
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