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Russian Aviation & Military Guide ¹ 04(05) September, 2016
‘Uralvagonzavod’ to show its best developments at ‘Army 2016’

‘Uralvagonzavod’ to show its best developments at ‘Army 2016’

At the second International Military-Technical Forum ‘Army 2016’ ‘Uralvagonzavod’ (UVZ) research and production corporation is showing a wide range of advanced military developments. The UVZ exhibition stand involves products by 8 enterprises being parts of UVZ integrated structure: Nizhny Tagil ‘Uralvagonzavod’, Yekaterinburg ‘Uraltransmash’ and Plant 9, Chelyabinsk NPO ‘Elektromashina’ and ‘ChTZ-Uraltrak’ as well as ‘Omsktransmash’ (Omsk), ‘TsNII ‘Burevestnik’ (Nizhny Novgorod) and ‘Vityaz’ engineering company (Ishimbay).

At an open display UVZ is to show over 50 military products which include both full-scale items and mockups.

The open display involves T-72B3 tank (made by Uralvagonzavod), the central figure of the ‘Tank Biathlon’. This vehicle has significant advantages of modern foreign tanks in terms of some main characteristics, among which are less weight and size, high endurance, capability of crossing 5m-deep water obstacles and many others. Thanks to two-stage air filtration system and high-performance power package cooling, the tank may be used in heavy dust and high temperatures (above +50°C). It is simple and reliable.

In 2015 brigadier general Solis Martinez Hames, the head of Venezuelan tank biathlon team, described T-72-B3 as follows: “This tank is in possession of the best performance attributed to main battle tank, which include high fire power and high mobility. All this makes T-72B3 a lethal weapon against any other tank”.

‘Uralvagonzavod’ Corporation is introducing T-90MS tank. The vehicle is equipped with a new turret weapon station armed with improved precision gun, new highly-augmented digital fire control system, new digital communication, navigation and interaction aids, new remotely controlled machinegun mount. The tank features better positioned commander’s and gunner’s data displays, improved workstations ergonomics, and a turret-mounted air conditioner for more comfort in hot climate. The combination of combat and technical characteristics enables successful operations in any region, weather and climate as well as during day and night.

Another development by Nizhny Tagil tank-builders is BMPT-72 fighting fire support vehicle, also known as 'Terminator-2'. For the first time it was introduced in September 2013 at the 9th International Exhibition of Arms, Equipment and Ammunition Russia Arms EXPO 2013 (Nizhny Tagil).

The vehicle has high fire power, protection, command controllability. It can provide efficient fire support for tanks and infantry in any type of combat activities, in complicated climatic and geographic areas, during day and night, against any enemy. BMPT-72 has improved fire control system and turret weapon station protection, which ensure a unique opportunity to increase life cycle and improve fighting capabilities of armies equipped with this vehicle in a quick manner with little costs spent.

Besides, the exhibition area includes 1I37E checkout vehicle made by TsNII ‘Burevestnik’. This vehicle is designed for servicing and current repairs of cannon, fire control system, guided weapon system of Ò-72, Ò-80 and Ò-90 tanks, 2S25 self-propelled antitank cannon. It is also used for preparation of guns for firing etc.
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