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Typhoon-K to enter foreign markets

Typhoon-K to enter foreign markets

Rosoboronexport and Remdiesel embraced the joint program to promote the Typhoon-K truck (KAMAZ-53949) on foreign markets. The document was signed by Anatoly Isaikin, Rosoboronexport's CEO, and Faiz Khafizov, Remdiesel's CEO.

The program's main goal is to promote Typhoon-K trucks on foreign markets and receive proposals from foreign customers for supply of the truck, maintain and increase the scientific and engineering capabilities of Remdiesel interests in order to create products that are competitive in the global market.

"When we were formulating the program, we based ourselves on the fact that Rosoboronexport has the unique experience of being a special exporter of defense and dual-use end products, and Remdiesel's highly-qualified personnel, modern equipment and rigging will allow it to represent the products of one of the most famous car brands in Russia KAMAZ on foreign market," said Anatoly Isaikin. "The Typhoon-K truck is planned to be promoted in North Africa, the Middle East, Central and Southeast Asia, Latin America and, of course, the CIS."

"Remdiesel produces multi-purpose vehicles, takes part in implementing the state defense order, as well as specific product types to foreign markets," said Faiz Khafizov. "I believe that our cooperation with Rosoboronexport will be a success for both companies."

The program is planned for 2017-2018. The implementation process was started as soon as it was approved. Rosoboronexport's marketing plans, as well as international exhibitions and salons will be supplemented by relevant themes and activities, including the presentation of a showcase of the 4x4 wheel Typhoon-K truck, which must be manufactured by Remdiesel before the end of 2016 in accordance with the export version we've developed for the foreign market.

The Typhoon-K (-53949, 44) truck is designed to meet the challenges of comprehensive support of combined arms and special units including peacekeeping forces under varying conditions. It can be used for transporting personnel and military cargoes, as well as the base chassis for the installation of various technical systems and weapons.

The truck has high combat and operational performance (mobility, protection, combat capacity, design and ergonomics), high operating efficiency levels, speed, and maneuverability under varying and in off-road conditions.

Rosoboronexport is the sole Russian state agency responsible for export of the full range of defense and dual-use end products, technologies and services. It is part of the Rostec Corporation. Rosoboronexport was formed on November 4, 2000 and is a leader in the world arms market. The company accounts for more than 85% of Russia's exports of arms and military equipment. Rosoboronexport cooperates with more than 700 enterprises and organizations of Russias defense industrial complex. The geography of Russias military technical cooperation covers more than 70 countries.

Remdiesel was founded in 1978 at KAMAZ's engines plant as a production department for truck engine repair. Construction of Remdiesel's own production facilities for repairing engines was completed in 1985. Remdiesel is no longer part of KAMAZ, but rather an independent company engaged in the production and repair of wheel and track-type vehicles.

Since 2009, Remdiesel has participated in a Russian Ministry of Defense program to repair and maintain military equipment for the life of the equipment. As a state-of-the-art company, Remdiesel overhauls engines, components and power units, motor vehicles of the Russian Ministry of Defense's fleet, while also repairing and manufacturing special vehicles (armored vehicles).
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