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Service in China

Service in China

Russian Helicopters will create a maintenance and repair centers for Ka-32A11BC and Mi-17 helicopters in China. The service centers will be located in Shenzhen. The initial phase will involve maintenance for Ka-32A11BC helicopters, with service provision for Mi-17s to follow on later. All helicopters are operated within China. Also Russian Helicopters has concluded an agreement with China for delivery of 3 Ka-32A11BC helicopters by the end of 2015. Russian Helicopters also has signed a contract with China General Aviation Service Co. Ltd. The two Mi-171 helicopters will be delivered in 2016.

The Ka-32A11BC is designed to carry out specialized search and rescue and construction work, transport cargo within the cabin or on an external sling, logging, evacuating the sick and injured, complex firefighting missions, patrols and support for special operations.

The Ka-32A11BC is ideally suited to China's highly urban at the centers, its environment and climate. It operates effectively in highly built-up cities, remote mountainous and forested regions, and can also land on decks and small vessels, drilling rigs, and unprepared difficult to access locations. They can be operated by one pilot, and the cabin can be equipped with additional specialized equipment.

Experts recognise the Ka-32A11BC as one of the world's finest fire-fighting helicopters, and it is a symbol of the Global Helicopter Firefighting Initiative, a programme aimed at increasing the efficiency of specialised firefighting helicopters kitted out with suspended fire-fighting systems, water cannons and other firefighting equipment.
Russian Helicopters will develop an aftersales service system for Mi-17, Mi-171, Ka-27, Ka-28, and Ka-31 helicopters operated in China. The helicopters will boast modernised engines, BREO avionics systems, the latest navigation systems, in addition to improved flight safety, and engineering repairs infrastructure, and a contract covering maintenance work on Russian components will be concluded.

During the international helicopter exhibition China Helicopter Exposition 2015, Russian Helicopters outlined its proposed after-sales service provision for Russian-made helicopters operating in China. It will encompass the repair, technical maintenance and modernization of Mi-17, Mi-171 helicopters, 17 Ka-27/28 helicopters and 9 Ka-31 helicopters operated under the Chinese Navy.

China is a key strategic partner: we are more than trading partners, we work together on promising projects. One involves creating a heavy helicopter, Russian Helicopters CEO Alexander Mikheev said. Building aftersales service systems for Russian-made helicopters operating in China will not only help improve their lifespan, but will also see them equipped with the very latest technological developments.

The Mi-17 and Mi-171 helicopters will gain modernized engines, auxiliary power units, gears, equipment to enable a non-parachute landing, early warning systems that sense artificial obstacles, high voltage power lines, or the ground, in addition to satnav systems. The Ka-28 will gain the latest BREO avionics suite, pilot navigation and target acquisition complex, and the latest flight information registration system.

Mi-171 helicopters are operated successfully across China, in particular in places with challenging topographies and harsh climates. They are used in a variety of cargo transport operations delivering medicines, humanitarian aid, construction materials, as well as in search and rescue and emergency response operations.

Mi-171 helicopters were used in operations to rescue people following the severe April 2013 earthquake in Sichuan province. Mountain roads had been completely destroyed and helicopters were the only way of delivering goods. Russian helicopters were highly rated by Chinese search and rescue teams and helicopter operators for their reliability, resilience and ease of use.

China is a major operator of Russian-made helicopters, with Mi-8/17 models being the most popular. China has a fleet of around 150 Mi-171 helicopters. In June 2014, Russian Helicopters concluded the delivery of 52 Mi-171E helicopters to the Chinese company Poly Technologies. Mi-171E helicopters are equipped with VK-2500 engines.

Nine Ka-32A11BC helicopters have been delivered to Chinese commercial and state operators. These helicopters will be operated by the city of Ordos Main Directorate of Public Security, Shanghai Public Security Directorate, and a number of commercial companies. Chinas State Oceanic Administration also operates the Ka-32A11BC, - Russian Helicopters CEO Alexander Mikheev said.

The Ka-32A11BC is designed to carry out specialized search and rescue operations, is used in fire-fighting missions, and in the evacuation of the sick and injured. The helicopter is ideally suited to China and in particular for operation in mountainous and heavily built up urban environments.

According to information from the Russian Helicopters
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