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Russian Aviation & Military Guide 11(18) December, 2017
Denis Trifonov, Deputy Director of Foreign Trade Department, LLC Military Industrial Company

Denis Trifonov, Deputy Director of Foreign Trade Department, LLC Military Industrial Company

At exhibition held in Bahrain LLC Military Industrial Company (VPK), the largest Russian manufacturer of armored wheeled vehicles and among the largest in the world, in addition to its traditional product which is armored vehicle Tigr being its brand now also introduced a torque link marsh buggy. It is the first time such equipment has been shown in this region. We consider the Near East market to be among the key and very promising ones. Besides, it has already become quite traditional. The VPK-made equipment is well known and understood here. Thus they are ready to purchase it.

At BIDEC we showed tropicalized Tigr vehicle, so it can be required by Defense Ministry, National Guard and various law enforcement agencies. As to a torque link buggy we expect it to find its client at this market since its great road performance and amphibious capabilities are actually very popular in the Gulf area including Bahrain.

An advantage of Military Industrial Company over many other armored vehicles manufacturers is that it strives for ideal combination of mobility and protection. We develop a vehicle as an integral whole from chassis to armored body. Our company makes the most components and chassis assemblies by itself. That is the vehicle is made as an integral whole unlike construction kits involving components made by outside manufacturers. Thus, our vehicles have no trade-offs like mobility and protection meanwhile many other manufacturers reduce protection in favor of mobility and vice versa. Besides, to produce armored vehicles many manufacturers as a rule use civil chassis which usually fail to meet all requirements for armored vehicles. It appears that today it is LLC VPK who guarantees the best combination of mobility and protection with the highest reliability provided.

Besides, we provide full-scope service maintenance. One of our advantages is that we do not depend on other suppliers, thus no international political and economic tensions can disturb us from guaranteeing delivery of equipment, spare parts and service maintenance conditions.
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