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Expert for export

Expert for export

New version of EXPERT Air Traffic Control (ATC) simulator has been commissioned in Turkey

The Radar and Tower simulator system has been introduced into full operation at the customer’s facility at the Training Centre of General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkey atEsenboğa Airport (Ankara). The system has been created on the basis of EXPERT integrated ATC simulator.

The new software version of EXPERT ATC simulator allows efficient training and verification of proficiency of controllers staff. The simulator system has received high appreciation from the customer as it possesses several new features enhancing the efficiency of training and learning, In particular, the voice communication system has been noted. It has been modernised according to the customer’s requirements, allowing to imitate radio exchange channels and introduce instructors’ participation in training.

The enhanced simulator system has more than 600 functions for preparation of exercises, controlling air traffic, imitation of meteorological conditions and evaluation of results of training. The simulator has particulars of seven largest airports of the Turkish Republic in its database. This allows to create and process training exercises for Radar and Tower controllers in conditions closest to reality.

In the Tower mode with 360°visualisation more than 100 visual models of aircraft and helicopters of various types in the livery of international and Turkish airlines are used as well as models of ground vehicles, animals and people.

To create reality of visual conditions the simulator imitates winter and summer, snowfall and rain, fog and thunderstorm. In addition a debrief classroom has been installed to go through the recorded training sessions with projecting video recordings onto the classroom screen. The recording of training sessions allows replay of visual imagery synchronized with radio exchange to provide means for debrief and evaluation. The customer’s staff of instructors and teachers has been trained and certified for work on the modernised simulator system. In the ATC Training Centre in Ankara the new simulator will be used for initial training of new controllers as well as refreshing proficiency of radar, procedures and visual controllers, maintaining their professional skills and training them to act in difficult and emergency situations.

The simulator system has been created on the basis of EXPERT integrated simulator system developed and produced by NITA company of St.Petersburg. It is being used in more than 100 ATC centres and education organisations in Russia and abroad.

The current simulator software allows new modern features such as zone navigation, OLDI and AMAN/DMAN. NITA company continues to develop simulator and educational systems for ATC controllers. This includes new programs and methods of teaching and evaluation of knowledge of general and aviation English, as well as tests of language proficiency according to the ICAO scale. In 2017-2018 phased introduction of AVIATION ENGLISH EXPERT software and methodological system is planned. It is intended for training ATC controllers in the radio exchange English language, utilizing the features of integrated ATC simulator EXPERT as well as classrooms for pre-simulator sessions of AIR ENGLISH system of teaching air traffic radio exchange phraseology.Some of the modes of integrated ATC simulator system EXPERT and AIR ENGLISH system are planned to be used for training pilots and introducing TELCAP test validated by ICAO and utilized to determine personnel’s English language proficiency according to ICAO scale.
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