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omponents for radio communication, location and military automatic control systems

Ruselectronics Holding of the Rostec State Corporation is a recognized Russian leader of microwave electronics with a market share exceeding 80%. Enterprises within the holding develop and produce unique components for radio communication and radiolocation systems of any type of basing. In addition, the holding is the largest supplier of automated control systems (ACS), including special purpose ones.

A line of the latest travelling-wave tubes (TWT) for advanced radio engineering systems, as well as a group of automated control systems for artillery batteries and air defence anti-aircraft brigades developed by the famous Penza JSC Radiozavod are presented at the Army-2017 expo.

TWT is a vacuum booster for microwave signals and due to its unique properties broadband, amplification gain factor, linearity at a high output power level, is an indispensable component in the communication, location and navigation industries. TWT demonstrates high reliability and durability, modern technologies provide acceptable weight and dimensions figures.

Saratov enterprise of the Ruselectronics holding JSC NPP Almaz produces a wide range of TWT of land, marine, airborne and satellite basing. Devices for space communication ultra-long-lived (up to 150,000 hours), highly efficient (with efficiency up to 65%), with a gain up to 50 dB, operate in the S, C, X, Ku and K ranges. Devices for locating systems high power (tens and hundreds of kilowatts) with a bandwidth of up to 10%, multifunctional modes of operation, including air surveillance and aircraft guidance. Devices for systems of radio countermeasures broadband and superbroadband, output power from 10 W to more than 1 kW, frequency range from L to Ka inclusive.

At present, Almaz is actively developing a new direction of vacuum-solid-state amplifiers integrated TWT-based products. These devices combine a solid-state pre-amplifier, TWT and a power source in one housing. The use of a solid-state amplifier provides a low noise level at a high gain factor, as well as the ability to adjust the amplitude-frequency response, which makes it possible to use the TWT most efficiently. NPP Almaz produces complexed products for various systems with output power up to 1 kW, in the ranges from L to Ka inclusive.

A Ruselectronics Penza enterprise JSC Radiozavod complements the holding's exposition by a group of military ACS. The enterprise presents, in particular, the control system of the anti-aircraft missile brigade of the air defence troops Polyana-D4M1, on a number of indicators outstripping foreign analogues. This is a universal mobile system capable of uniting all types of anti-aircraft missile systems into a single information-control system and distribute groups of air targets between various anti-aircraft complexes. The control objects for the ACS are the long-range SAM (S-300), medium-range (Buk type) and short-range (Tor type). Polyana provides protection by the air defence facilities within a territory of 640,000 square kilometres (800x800 km). Up to 500 air objects may be simultaneously located in the zone of responsibility. The reaction time to open fire is 23 seconds.

Polyana provides collection and processing of data from radar stations of different ranges of ground and airborne basing, as well as from air traffic control centres and is the mobile control unit of the air defence system of state facilities, industrial zones, military deployment areas.

The system has the ability to accumulate and independently use the database. Elements of artificial intelligence provide the ability to control in three modes: manual (according to the commands of the operator), semi-automatic (operator is given management advice, which he affirms or not), automatic (operator does not participate in the control process, all decisions are made by the artificial intelligence).

A high degree of adaptability ensures the possibility of integrating the Polyana system into air defence systems with a wide range of fire complexes and radar information sources, both of Russian production and production of other countries.

Thoughtful design and ergonomic arrangement of equipment with the set of automated control systems, which significantly reduces crew fatigue and ensures their activity during a long time, especially noted by specialists.

In addition, Ruselectronics presents at the Army-2017 expo a portable set of technical means for automated control of anti-aircraft and artillery. The complex is a unique development in Russia, it allows totwice or thrice reduce the time of accomplishing tasks and to ensure interfacing with reconnaissance assets. Combat application of the complex 1,5-2 times increases the damage inflicted to the enemy, reducing weapons expenditures for 10-15%.
The Ruselectronics Holding is Russia's largest developer and manufacturer of radio electronic components and technologies, communications equipment and systems, automated control systems, robotic systems, microwave electronics, computer equipment and telecommunications equipment. It unites more than 170 enterprises and scientific organizations. Within the framework of the Army-2017 expo, Ruselectronics developments for ground forces, air defence, aviation and fleet are presented in the Democentre of the Rostec State Corporation.
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