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Russian Aviation & Military Guide 11(18) December, 2017
SPLAV: New Possibilities of MRLSs

SPLAV: New Possibilities of MRLSs

JSC SPLAV SPA is the leading Russian enterprise in development and organization of production of the Multiple Launcher Rocket Systems (MRLS) for the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Over its history from the time of its foundation in 1945, such outstanding systems as GRAD, URAGAN, SMERCH for the Army, GRAD-M, UDAV-1M, OGON, DAMBA, RPK-8 for the Navy have been developed at JSC SPLAV SPA, dozens of unique techniques for the rocket projectiles, the artillery shell cases of calibers from 24 to 152 mm made of various materials have been elaborated. Nowadays our engineering developments and production techniques in the field of the rocket artillery and shell cases production are known worldwide.

The distinctive feature of the Russian MRLSs development is striving of their designers to constantly enhance the rocket artillery combat capabilities through development of the new types of the rocket projectiles fitted with different-purpose warheads, as well as upgrade of the launch vehicles for the army-accepted systems.

Specialists of the enterprise have developed modernization programs for the GRAD and SMERCH systems which ensured execution of the fire missions on destruction of the enemy over a distance of, correspondingly, 40 and 120 km, enhancement of capabilities of fire engagement against the typical targets, computerization of the fire preparation and delivery, upgrade of the launch vehicles.

JSC SPLAV SPA, being the world leader in delivery of ammunition for the Russian-produced MRLSs, conducts active operations in the field of military and technical cooperation through Rosoboronexport, the Russian State Intermediary.

Nowadays JSC SPLAV SPA offers at the international defense market upgraded GRAD and SMERCH MRLSs, including different-purpose warheads rocket projectiles with the range of fire of, correspondingly, 40 and 120 km, as well as the new generation of the 80mm unguided aircraft rocket armament, C-80FP HE-Fragmentation penetrating warhead unguided aircraft rocket projectile and a small-type high energy solid rocket propellant motor.

Presently the following systems are being offered for export:

1. 122mm Rocket Projectiles (RPs):
- 9521 RP with increased power warhead;
- 9522 HE-fragmentation separable warhead RP;
- 9218 shaped-charge fragmentation submunitions RP.

2. 2B17-1Launch Vehicle (LV) is equipped with automated laying fire and control system (ALFCS).

Besides, the algorithm has been elaborated in order to upgrade GRAD and GRAD-1 MRLSs standard RPs by increasing the range of fire up to 40 km.


1. 300mm RPs:
- 9525 fragmentations submunitions warhead RP;
- 9528 HE-fragmentation separable warhead RP;
- 9529 fuel-air explosive warhead RP;
- 9531 shaped-charge fragmentation submunitions warhead RP;
- 9533 sensor-fuzed fragmentation submunitions warhead RP.

2. 952-2 LV (on Z chassis), 952-2 LV (on atra chassis) 952-4 LV (lightweight six-round launcher mounted on elongated KAMAZ chassis) equipped with ALFCS.
3. 9234-2, 9234-2, 9234-4 Transporter-Loaders.
4. 9F819 Arsenal Equipment.
5. 9F827 Training Aids.
6. 9F840 Training Set.
7. MP321Unified Command and Staff Vehicle.
8. 1B44 Radio Direction-Finding and Meteorological Complex.

Upgrade of GRAD and SMERCH LVs ensured the new capabilities of these systems:
  • Fire delivery from the unsurveyed in the topographical respect firing position thanks to the autonomous calculation of the LV ramp longitudinal axis azimuth and plotting of the own coordinates;
  • Cutting time from the moment of taking up of the temporary firing position to the moment of commencing fire by a factor of three;
  • The LV ramp laying operable from the cab and without usage of the aiming points;
  • Visual presentation on the computer screen of a graphical information for the LV ramp laying, the ground map with indication of the LV position, destination point, and route of advance;
  • Increase in the LV survivability thanks to cutting time in the firing position;
  • Increase of the operator-layer comfortability, especially in the adverse weather conditions and at night;
  • Increase of the LV self-sustainment thanks to imparting to it of the navigation and topographical survey functions, which ensures shoot-and-scoot tactics, autonomous movement to the assembly point after firing, compensation of errors due to the human factor;
  • reduction in the crew number up to 2 persons (GRAD MRLS), and up to 3 persons (SMERCH MRLS).

Beginning from 2003, the enterprise has been granted the right to independently carry out foreign trade activities with respect to the products for military purposes to the extent concerning delivery of spare parts, aggregates, assemblies, devices, completing units, special, training, and auxiliary equipment, technical documentation for the earlier delivered products for military purposes, carrying out of works on technical inspection, repair (including modernization subject to carrying out of R&D works), and other works ensuring complex service maintenance of the earlier delivered products for military purposes, as well as training of the foreign specialists in carrying out of the above works.

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