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Russian Aviation & Military Guide ¹ 01(08) February, 2017
‘Our products are much better than western versions’

‘Our products are much better than western versions’

Pavel Kirk, Marketing Director, ‘Arti-Zavod’, OJSC

‘We think that a stable cooperation between Republic of India and the Russian Federation is ensured by a number of factors, the most important of which include long-term relationships established right after India became independent after World War Two. These are military and technical cooperation, power industry and transport infrastructure development projects.

Besides, India was among the founders of Non-Aligned Movement, which required striking balance between two main military and political blocs of 20th century. Meanwhile US and NATO did not sell modern armament and equipment to India.

This has become the reason Indian Armed Forces are saturated with Soviet-made products. The majority of serving officers learnt in Soviet military colleges. The great role is traditionally played by highly competitive prices.

The similar situation had been formed within decades in power industry, transport engineering and construction industry.

Today, when world market interest has shifted towards high technology products, it has unexpectedly been found that Russian enterprises carried out greater works on developing state-of-the-art products, both related to armament and power industry. Meanwhile West European and North American companies did not notice any challenge resting on their laurels.

The same situation we also observe in our industry. Within twenty years US, being the market leader, have not seen serious challenges, so respiratory protection equipment which they offer today have worse protective parameters as compared to modern Russian products, especially special forces-dedicated gas masks made by ‘Arti-Zavod’, JSC. Our products are much better than western versions in terms of ergonomics. Our task is to bring information about our products to an end user in Southeast Asia including India; allow testing, comparing and judging. There is no point in comparing prices. In this regard the offer by ‘Arti-Zavod’, JSC is several times more attractive’.
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