Rosoboronexport presents Russian exposition at DEFEXPO INDIA 2022
Rosoboronexport presents Russian exposition at DEFEXPO INDIA 2022
12th edition of DEFEXPO INDIA-2022 Exhibition on Land, Naval and Homeland Security is opening its doors to specialists from all over the world. The exhibition will be held from 10th to 13th March in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Rosoboronexport, part of Rostec Corporation, is an active and loyal participant of the event and this year we are happy to come to India once again. Rosoboronexport organizes a joint Russian pavilion of a dozen booths bringing numerous Russian companies producers of military materiel and services providers under one umbrella in Hall 11.

And since the exhibition is equally dedicated to land, naval systems as well as security issues Rosoboronexport is offering cutting-edge solutions in all spheres, most of which can be fully integrated or blended into the "Make in India" program.

The Russian exposition is wide and diverse. It includes tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery, air defence systems, electronic warfare complexes and modern ships.

The centerpiece of Uralvagonzavod display, part of Rostec Corporation, is the most advanced T-14 Armata main battle tank. The T-14 tank is one of a kind by composition and technical solutions. It is equipped with a powerful 125 mm smooth-bore cannon-cum-missile launcher, two machine guns, one harboured in a remote-controlled weapon station and an automated digital fire control system. The protection has a multidimensional design with guidance jamming, active protection and modern ERA systems. The crew is safely accommodated in a well-protected compartment inside the hull.

Another tracked vehicle is the Sprut-SDM1 light amphibious tank. In terms of specifications and capabilities no other vehicle comes close. The Sprut-SDM1 is the most lightweight tank on the market, but is armed on a par with main battle tanks with a 125 mm cannon that is also used to launch missiles thus providing the light tank with an advantage over other heavy armour in terms of engagement range. Mobility characteristics of the Sprut-SDM1 are truly unique: it moves over all types of terrains no matter how boggy, sandy or unstable they are, it performs well in hot deserts, humid jungles and high mountains; the tank negotiates any bodies of water afloat using two waterjets which ensure both forward and rearward movement of the tank. Moreover, in the water the Sprut-SDM1 retains the ability to reconnoiter and engage targets at Sea State 3. Certain design and technological solutions provide the light tank with a unique capability to be transported by aircraft and air-dropped into the theater of operation.

The Boomerang Unified Combat Platform is an 8x8 amphibious armoured chassis. All the modern market trends and demands were taken into consideration during the development process. It has a new composition with the ramp door for the troops. APCs and IFVs are designed on this platform. The protection system of the vehicle is based on a multilayer principle and can be adjusted. The weapon systems allow engagement of a long list of targets in any environment. The operational characteristics, firepower, maneuverability, protection, C2 capabilities and overall performance of the new Russian-made vehicle are up to present day and perspective combat and operational requirements.

Different families of armoured vehicles are presented at the booth of Rosoboronexport including models of TIGR armoured vehicles, Typhoon-K MRAP and Tornado K-53958 armoured multi-purpose chassis.

Rosoboronexport jointly with Russian industry is ready to cooperate also in the sphere of multiple launch rocket systems of different calibers.

The 9K515 MLRS is a further development of the battle-proven 300 mm Smerch system. It is designed to engage motorized infantry, tank and artillery units, including those with high-precision weapon systems. Modern Automated Laying and Fire Control System ensures engagement readiness time of 30 seconds upon target data input and pin-point accuracy. The Guided MLRS rockets with mighty warheads and submunitions defeat targets at distances of up to 120 km.

Other calibers include 122 mm Tornado-G MLRS which embodies an upgrade of a well-known Grad system and 220 mm TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system.

The Tornado-G MLRS features an upgraded automated laying and fire control system with a navigation system that automatically calculates firing data, lays the tube pack and automatically inputs data into the fuzes of the rocket projectiles making the system quicker, more efficient, easier and safer to operate.

The TOS-1A is a powerful system that operates in immediate contact with the adversary on the frontline. The full salvo of 220 mm thermobaric rockets covers the area of 40,000 m2 and it is extremely efficient against bunkers and fortifications, as after the detonation the thermobaric mixture penetrates any crevasse, cave or hole providing indisputable advantage especially in mountainous areas.

Air Defence sector is widely presented in the Russian pavilion, organized under the auspices of Rostec Corporation. Among these solutions are:

The Pantsir-S1 air defence gun and missile system that is designed for destruction of aircraft, rotorcraft, cruise missiles, high-precision weapons, and other aerial targets. Main distinguishing features of the system are its construction that includes guns and missile launchers on one combat vehicle, target acquisition and engagement capability on the move, large ammunition allowance of missiles and 30 mm rounds. The Pantsir-S1 ADGMS boasts a large engagement envelope of 20 km range and 15 km altitude which together with its ability to engage 4 targets simultaneously gives it a competitive edge of the rivals.

The Vityaz air defence missile system is a unique medium-range ADMS able to destruct all types of aerodynamic targets and ballistic missiles. The undeniable strength of the system is its ability to simultaneously engage targets approaching from different directions and at the entire altitude range. The Vityaz ADMS incorporates two types of surface-to-air missiles with the maximum engagement range provided 120 km, and altitude 25 km. One system can engage up to 16 targets at one time.

Electronic warfare remains an important and difficult topic nowadays. At the booth of Rosoboronexport you will be able to get insight on the newest developments in electronic warfare including Krasukha EW system, Repellent and Repellent-Patrul system for countering small-size UAVs.

The Krasukha mobile electronic warfare system is intended to protect military and state infrastructure against aerial reconnaissance and air strikes by jamming airborne side-looking radars, weapon-control radars, navigational radars as well as flight support terrain-following radars. The system is produced by KRET holding company within the state-owned Rostec Corporation.

The Repellent EW system is designed for signal intelligence of UAVs and suppression of their control and navigation systems. The system is capable of jamming command signals and telemetry channels at distances within line-of-sight (depending on the altitude of the drone). The suppression range of the navigation channel is at least 30 km.

Another system that effectively counters small-size unmanned aerial vehicles is the Repellent-Patrol complex. It is used to protect infrastructure facilities and convoys from drones, detecting and suppressing communication and navigation channels of the UAV. The Repellent-Patrul operates in sector and circular modes ensuring suppression range of aircraft-type UAVs in the sector mode of up to 20 km and suppression range of quadcopters of up to 4 km in the circular mode.

DEFEXPO INDIA-2022 is not only about ground-based systems but naval and security solutions as well. Rosoboronexport is bringing a large portfolio of marine and naval systems that we can offer to our partners in India.

The Alexandrit-E Project 12701 minesweeper is produced by the United Shipbuilding Corporation, the largest shipbuilding corporation in Russia which is also present in the Russian pavilion at the exhibition. The Alexandrit-E minesweeper is capable of providing effective countermine reconnaissance, protection of naval bases, exclusive economic zones, ships and vessels on routes, but it also ensures highly accurate search and destruction of minefields.

Moreover, at the booth of Rosoboronexport specialists can find models of the Rubezh-ME and Bastion coastal missile systems.

The latter is designed to engage surface targets from the tactical depth using supersonic missiles. The Bastion system armed with Yakhont missiles can overcome air defence of nearly every ship especially when launched in salvo. Thanks to the long range of fire and high velocity of the Yakhont missiles, the Bastion is capable of delivering sudden strikes against distant sea-surface targets. Flexible program-controlled flight path allows missiles to overcome air defence system and approach targets from unexpected directions.

The Rubezh-ME coastal missile system is designed to detect and engage sea-surface targets at littoral areas. The main advantage of the system is integration of target designation and combat systems into one platform, so that just one vehicle can effectively engage ships up to corvette class with up to 4 missiles reaching a target from different directions.

Additionally, Rosoboronexport is displaying other materiel at the booth including long-range high-precision rifles of LOBAEV ARMS and ORSIS brands as well as thermal rifle scopes designed and produced by Infratech, namely Titan and Deimos ones. These scopes are very weather-resistant, can operate in the harshest weather conditions, any time of day, any season.

DEFEXPO INDIA-2022 is a great venue for companies and state agencies to establish new and widen existing partnerships, share knowledge and experience. Rosoboronexport invites all specialists attending the exhibition to the Russian pavilion to enjoy the variety of arms, technologies, weapon systems, gear and equipment we offer.

The largest Russian small arms manufacturer and one of the most globally recognized brands Kalashnikov is not limited to the famous assault rifles
Rosoboronexport was organized Russias exhibit at the AFRICA AEROSPACE & DEFENCE 2022 international conference and exhibition of arms and military equipment
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Rosoboronexport JSC was organized a joint exhibit of Russian military products at the 26th International Homeland Security Exhibition, Interpolitex 2022, which was held in October in Moscow
Rosoboronexport will display state-of-the-art Russian weapons and military equipment at the Viet Nam Defence Expo 2022
Last november there was historical meeting between President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc
Rosoboronexport JSC is the organizer of Russias single exhibit at the Vietnam Defense 2022 International Defense Exhibition & Conference
T-90 tank was brought into service thirty years ago in autumn 1992. This series of vehicles took on the world market they became the worlds best-selling tanks in the first decade of the 2000s
Dmitry Shugaev: Russia and Vietnam have a particularly strong historical background in military-technical bonds. It dates back to the period of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the Soviet Union
On August 23, 2022, Moscow Expocentre hosted one of the most significant events in the automotive industry: the 13th International Moscow Automotive Forum IMAF 2022
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The 13th edition of LAAD Defence & Security, the largest and most important defense fair in Latin America, will take place from April 11 to 14, 2023, in Riocentro, Rio de Janeiro
Supersonic cruise missile BRAHMOS, designed and developed by India and Russia has edged out all other weapons of its genre to emerge as the worlds best
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Rosoboronexport and Russian Helicopters, subsidiaries of Rostec State Corporation, have signed a contract to manufacture and supply a batch of upgraded Mi-171E helicopters to a foreign customer
In Moscow, a training and methodological meeting with the heads of basic training and methodological organizations for training military personnel for the CSTO member States
On June this year the 1st International Security Industry Exhibition National Security. Belarus-2022 was in the city of Minsk on the territory Minsk-Arena
This year marks the 135th anniversary of the birth of Pyotr Nesterov, an outstanding pilot who performed a dead loop
Committee of Secretaries of CSTO Security Councils discussed measures to neutralize challenges and threats to security of CSTO member states
In modern conditions of warfare, a real advantage over the enemy can be achieved only by improving the control system
2022 marks the 45th anniversary of the maiden flight of the Su-27 fighter prototype developed by the Sukhoi Experimental Design Bureau
The annual International Military-Technical Forum ARMY, launched in 2015, has already become one of the most renowned global defense shows
Nineteen structures that are part of Roste State Corporation were included in the register of accredited organizations that carry out activities in the field of information technology
Certification flight tests of the BAS-200 system have been started at the Mil and Kamov National Helicopter Center
The Ruselectronics Holding has installed Forpost cyberattack detection, monitoring and prevention system at the Safe City test bench created for the EMERCOM of Russia
Russian Helicopters Holding Company will present ambulance and business versions of the Ansat helicopter and unmanned aerial system BAS-200 at the HeliRussia 2022
Currently, Rostec is the leader in the Russian commercial and defence sectors and comprises more than 800 companies in 60 constituents of Russia
Twenty-five successful starts of the VK-1600V demonstrator engine were performed at the test facility of Rostec United Engine Corporations ODK-Klimov
The hybrid propulsion system combining the functionality of a gas-turbine engine and motor is expected to be used in light aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles
In Yerevan hosted the XIII meeting of the Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization Consultative Coordination Center for Computer Incident Response
Yerevan hosted the XIII meeting of the Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization Consultative Coordination Center for Computer Incident Response
Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies of Roste State Corporation has presented a prototype of the next generation navigation equipment package for helicopters
Rosoboronexport JSC showcased its partners and potential customers Russian helicopters new and upgraded versions of Russian helicopters
Central Research Institute Burevestnik as part Uralvagonzavod Group has shipped a batch of 82mm 2B24 mortars within the state defence order
The heads of central bodies of encryption services of the armed forces of the CSTO member States was held in Minsk
Ruselectronics Holding has developed a portable multifunctional radar station to protect critical infrastructure facilities
Helicopter Service Company of the Russian Helicopters Holding has developed a ballistic protection system for the crew and passengers of Mi-8AMT and Mi-8MTV-1 helicopters
In the Republic of Kazakhstan were held the second staff talks on preparation and holding of special exercises "Search-2022", "Echelon-2022" and command-staff exercise "Interaction-2022"
The designers of the Scientific and Technical center of KAMAZ have developed a unique dump truck Kamaz-6559 designed for quarry work in autonomous mode
Russian-based Shvabe Optical and Electronic Holding takes part in the National Security. Belarus-2022 International Exhibition held in Minsk
Shvabes Ural-based company was awarded a gold medal for BONNY mobile incubator at the 64th International Technical Fair held in Belgrade in May, 2022
The Roselectronics holding together with Open Mobile Platform company has completed the development of a secure corporate messenger "Kolibri"
Rosoboronexport JSC (part of the Rostec State Corporation) has summed up its efforts to promote Russian weapons and military equipment on the world market in 2021
On 6-9 March 2022, Almaz Antey Corporation will be exhibiting at World Defense Show, an international defence event to premiere in Saudi Arabias capital city Riyadh
Almaz-Antey will be taking part in Defexpo India 2022, the 12th international of India's 10-13 March 2022
The delegation of Rosoboronexport JSC was taking part in the Fifth International Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference (UMEX 2022)
The second edition of EDEX 2021 was held in the end of last year at the Egypt International Exhibition Centre (EIEC) in New Cairo
Specialists of the Vega conducted the first flight of the A-100 long-range airborn early warning and control aircraft with the onboard radio equipment turned on
During 2022-2023, the United Engine Corporation of Rostec will anneal 2,100 permalloy screens for the observatory sensors, which will enable a 50%
The crew of the Berkut State Airlines from Kazakhstan underwent annual retraining under the supplemental professional training programs for the Mi-171A2 helicopter
Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin visited the IL-VASO branch of the United Aircraft Corporation during his working trip to the Voronezh region
"Russian Helicopters" Holding Company took part in the 9th National Aviation Infrastructure Show NAIS 2022
Rostecs United Engine Corporation has successfully conducted the first stage of certification testing of PD-8 core engine intended for the mid-range aircraft SSJ-New
As part of a flight testing program, the upgraded light helicopter Ka-226T has made its first circular flight at the flight-testing facility of the Mil & Kamov National Helicopter Center
Technodinamika Holding Company of Roste State Corporation handed the Kadet-100 parachute system prototypes over for official testing
The Technodinamika Holding of the Rostec State Corporation supplied the components of the ignition system for the igniter of the RD-0177 engine to the Roscosmos enterprise (JSC KBHA)
The Shvabe Holding of the State Corporation Rostec has delivered practice sights to Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
The MC-21-300 prototype aircraft manufactured by Irkut Corporation has completed its testing under extreme cold temperatures in Yakutsk and returns to its base airport at Zhukovsky, Moscow Region
Technodinamika Holding of Rostec State Corporation has created Pyrodefender, a new personal protection device against dangerous animals
JSC Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET) of Roste State Corporation presented its TIOKKAFT air purifiers at Arab Health, healthcare industrys top exhibition
Technodinamika Holding of Rostec State Corporation has received a patent for its smart cargo parachute system. Currently, the development is undergoing flight tests
Rostecs United Engine Corporation has created an automatic control system for the new PD-8 aircraft engine, which is planned to equip the SSJ-NEW passenger airliner
The United Aircraft Corporation of Rostec State Corporation will create a VR simulator designed for the training of technical personnel
The first Tu-160M, the newly-manufactured strategic missile carrier, took off from the aerodrome of Kazan Aviation Plant, a branch of Tupolev (part of Rostec State Corporation's UAC)
The MC-21-300 prototype aircraft manufactured by Irkut Corporation flew from Zhukovsky to Yakutsk for testing under sub-zero outside temperatures
On 14 September 2019, Yemens Houthi movement attacked oil production and refining facilities in Saudi Arabia
JSC NIMI named after V.V. Bahirev is presenting a broad range of ammunition for tank, field and naval artillery
Vladimir Putin's visit to India last December has already been called a historic milestone in the development of special friendly relations between Russia and India
World Defense Show 2022 in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia attracts global defence companies and associated industries
12th edition of DEFEXPO INDIA-2022 Exhibition on Land, Naval and Homeland Security is opening its doors to specialists from all over the world
World Defense Show in Riyadh is to bring together the world of defense & security to demonstrate integration and the future of defense interoperability across air, land, sea, space and space
DefExpo India traditionally becomes a major ground for demonstrating Russias military industrys latest developments in different domains
Rosoboronexport JSC (part of the Rostec State Corporation) has summed up its efforts to promote Russian weapons and military equipment on the world market in 2021
The fifth edition of the Fifth International Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference - UMEX & SimTEX 2022 have been at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre
Under the patronage of Custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the first edition of the World Defense Show (WDS) was held in Saudi Arabias capital - Riyadh on the beginning of March
ArmHighTech-2022, 31 2 2022
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III ArmHighTech 2022
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At the long-awaited ArmHiTech-2022 exhibition in Yerevan Russia and other countries CSTO present the best and maximum effective weapons and defense innovations
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